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@rowanna_09 (Rowanna⁷ Daechwita) tweeted:

Baby Shark. Except I have a like-hate relationship bcoz of my 5 year old. #AdmitSongsYouDontLike

@HashtagRoundup (Hashtag Roundup) tweeted:

#9 USA #AdmitSongsYouDontLike w/@MusicalHashtags @robyndwoskin Play along on @HashtagRoundup

@dragonstorm86 (CadBurry Bunny) tweeted:

@robyndwoskin #AdmitSongsYouDontLike 1Body like a bimbo, it's the country bleredlines yuck

@SweetmamaJJL (Jennifer Lear #JJL) tweeted:

#AdmitSongsYouDontLike I saw the sign ( Ace of base)

@HeinousFace (Jack Spaniels ) tweeted:

#AdmitSongsYouDontLike Mick Jagger and David Bowie Dancing in the street ☹️☹️ https://t.co/NdRFODx1wT

@lostinmusic1982 (Coolie) tweeted:

I sense alot of friendships destroyed over who doesn't like a certain song

@HashtagRoundup (Hashtag Roundup) tweeted:

#8 USA #AdmitSongsYouDontLike w/@MusicalHashtags @robyndwoskin Play along on @HashtagRoundup

@RtotheTtotheC (Richie the C) tweeted:

I wish I could have heard the Beatles before they were force-fed to me. I resent having rammed down my throat.… https://t.co/FUzwLlt7xQ

@moronicmark (Mark Arnold) tweeted:

I want to see Rocketman. I just wish there wasn't any Elton John music in it. #AdmitSongsYouDontLike

@robyndwoskin (Robyn staying in the) tweeted:

RT @HashtagRoundup: #8 USA #AdmitSongsYouDontLike w/@MusicalHashtags @robyndwoskin Play along on @HashtagRoundup

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