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@strangedracula (Moi) tweeted:

Gold by Spandau Ballet. Usually just walk out after a neighbor played it for 48 hours straight on repeat #AdmitSongsYouDontLike

@imthatholly (That Clausetastic Ho) tweeted:

So this song and the first step of purging is listening to it to remind yourself how much it sucks.

@robyndwoskin (Robyn staying in the) tweeted:

RT @RtotheTtotheC: I wish I could have heard the Beatles before they were force-fed to me. I resent having rammed down my throat. #AdmitSon…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Post Malone's Better Now. #AdmitSongsYouDontLike

@KBWard61 (KBW61) tweeted:

Champagne supernova Bc of @ManCity #AdmitSongsYouDontLike

@toonces_lives (Kris staying home no) tweeted:

RT @robyndwoskin: #AdmitSongsYouDontLike We Built This City Most annoying song on the planet!

@Spatula8 (Spatula City) tweeted:

#AdmitSongsYouDontLike 'Diana' by Paul Anka

@tremes15 (Tom Remes) tweeted:

The Springsteen version of "Santa Claus is coming to town." Nothing makes me reach for the radio knob faster. I lik… https://t.co/md4tahDXQW

@1KennyBania (Spanish Inquisition ) tweeted:

#AdmitSongsYouDontLike "Rock the Boat" Sorry Miss I read that Hastag https://t.co/gPH4mXj3vU

@VisitSpudonka (Doctor Del Luca (Not) tweeted:

#AdmitSongsYouDontLike You know that song? It starts out all 'jigga-jigga wow-wow.' Then it's all 'booga-booga, ch… https://t.co/97ayBbj7tn

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