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@Nat_Numeracy (National Numeracy) tweeted:

Happy #NationalNumeracyDay! Here’s National Numeracy Day ambassador @Bobby_Seagull sharing his thoughts on why to… https://t.co/TaABwcmLHY

@whistler360 (Ian Hilton ) tweeted:

#NationalNumeracyDay Sometimes things just don't add up, especially if your name's Baldrick.. #WednesdayWisdom… https://t.co/rfEJvd4tPc

@TTS_EarlyYears (TTS Early Years) tweeted:

Here's a great video of counting and sorting for #NationalNumeracyDay ! https://t.co/ngKfWrCKaB

@et_roughsedge (Esther Roughsedge) tweeted:

Have fun learning more about your local area, for #NationalNumeracyDay! https://t.co/jaIL0VKliA

@RachelRileyRR (Rachel Riley ) tweeted:

Happy #NationalNumeracyDay! I’m a numbers person because I use #EverydayMaths to make sure my cat gets the right am… https://t.co/ixO3vhpQEU

@SussexWildlife (Sussex Wildlife Trus) tweeted:

Here's an adder for #NationalNumeracyDay

@AmberRuddHR (Amber Rudd MP) tweeted:

@SweetsintheCity (Sweets in the City) tweeted:

1,2,3,4,5....89! That's how many sweet treats are available in our Pick & Mix Sweets collection! But you don't nee… https://t.co/uDcy3R

@Scarfolk (Scarfolk Council) tweeted:

#NationalNumeracyDay Did you know that 1 in 4 people in Britain make up nearly a third of the population? Please he… https://t.co/S8P0y9w9C1

@Impamark (Impamark) tweeted:

#NationalNumeracyDay GIVEAWAY! We have 5 of these bundles to be #won. All you need to do is: 1) #Follow us 2)… https://t.co/4YlAmA9ia0

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