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@VetterLibby (Libby. If u unfollow) tweeted:

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@VetterLibby (Libby. If u unfollow) tweeted:

RT @book_tribe: •

@VetterLibby (Libby. If u unfollow) tweeted:

RT @Pizzazz_Books: An epic Celtic tale of forbidden love, mythological adventure & political intrigue! ★APOLLO'S RAVEN★

@VetterLibby (Libby. If u unfollow) tweeted:

RT @barbiesway: #FridayReads story Facing truth Behind every couples drama is a story Love★Marriage★Sex★Family★Fun THEN online porn addicti…

@SusanneLeist (Susanne Leist) tweeted:

RT @BridgitteLesley: Independence had suddenly taken a funny turn. ★MARRED SCARRED MINE★

@twinklingtina (Tina Basu) tweeted:

RT @nehatambe: Stressed about future -- a short story She wanted him to realize all her unfulfilled ambitions. Sadly, what she didn’t rea…

@CadenceVonn (Cadence Vonn) tweeted:

RT @peggy_jaeger: #fridayReads Will she choose Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now? DEARLY BELOVED https://t.co/8Ej5A1nDLt From @peggy_jaeger &@W

@SalemHSLibrary (Ms. Hopkins) tweeted:

Hey #nhslma friends. I would love to do a book group - there are so many things I want to discuss after reading th… https://t.co/pKiUVeldSB

@BarryMeyer2 (Barry Meyer) tweeted:

RT @onhi: Happy Friday! ((Peace)) #FridayReads #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts https://t.co/tmABIt6CCD

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