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@LpaVisit (LpaVisit) tweeted:

#MuseumWeek #ExploreMW Explorar el pasado de los aborígenes en #Canarias, en el @museoelder Las Palmas de Gran Ca… https://t.co/ESJCKbpXy0

@PalaisdeTokyo (Palais de Tokyo) tweeted:

Palais scotché

@citedessciences (Cité des sciences) tweeted:

Les fonds marins regorgent de mystères…

@kidsinmuseums (Kids in Museums) tweeted:

Our first Manifesto point is about helping children and their families to explore together. It's great to see mor… https://t.co/C7HMLy7DmK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hot off the press and freshly #digitised! This #Ethiopian magical prayer scroll in #Geez is decorated with 4 colour… https://t.co/MjLxGo009V

@state_hermitage (Эрмитаж / Hermitage) tweeted:

Научная библиотека Эрмитажа – пркрасное место для исследовательской работы -одна из старейших и самая крупная в Ро… https://t.co/n5nXFauxJY

@PotteriesMuseum (The Potteries Museum) tweeted:

Our summer exhibition this year commemorates the 50th anniversary of the First manned Lunar Landing of the Apollo 1… https://t.co/XluwFHI4Wq

@brunelsbridge (Clifton Susp Bridge) tweeted:

Last month we launched our online catalogue of Adrian Andrews stereoscopic photographs collection. Over 200 stereos… https://t.co/4JADV5tJIF

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Many of Darwin's South American fossil mammals are in our collection. You can even explore 3D models of them online… https://t.co/O1nFYdIDip

@FEGALLERY (FE McWilliam Gallery) tweeted:

Today is #ExploreMW as part of #MuseumWeek so why not call in and explore our gallery, studio, sculpture garden, gi… https://t.co/fUY9X1ZKLS

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