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Trend time: Fri May 17, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#StreamingProTips Keep the fridge stocked https://t.co/cBoD6vUKGP

@RetortSnarky (SnarkyRetort) tweeted:

#StreamingProTips Mini fridge next to the couch is a game changer.

@ChaoticKarma23 (Veronica Vasquez) tweeted:

Binge-watching is probably the safest and funnest binge you can do :) #StreamingProTips https://t.co/pVnZP6BsLt

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @Roku: Confirming this is true.

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @Roku: Whoa – you guys really are expert streamers. Keep those #StreamingProTips coming!

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @aslowriot: #StreamingProTips know your remote, be able to use it without even looking at it

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @lostmysandal: Make sure you binge the whole series before the last season. #StreamingProTips

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @BrandonBurner66: Always steal your neighbor’s WiFi #StreamingProTips https://t.co/XqQYYFu91T

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @carllamy: #StreamingProTips Everyone's always going on about "live streaming", but streaming Dead is good, too. https://t.co/fDCfJqkow3

@GooglyTags (Mr. Googly) tweeted:

RT @FreezinTaunTaun: #StreamingProTips Dont cross the streams. Ever. https://t.co/tNdGvxnNW3

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