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Trend time: Sun May 19, 2019
Trend location: Liverpool / United Kingdom
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@RCN_OSWL (RCN_OSWL_Branch) tweeted:

Congratulations ⁦@annemarieraffer⁩ now officially our new ⁦@theRCN⁩ president #RCN19 ⁦@cisanim⁩ ⁦@JudeRCN⁩ ⁦… https://t.co/7DU8zPYXmQ

@DThiruchelvam (Denise Thiruchelvam,) tweeted:

RT @Linda_CPH: Congratulations @AnnKeen11 on your FRCN. #RCN19 https://t.co/S6cXwIIJZz

@Eremitricked (Silly Sally #SomosRa) tweeted:

RT @nordicmodelnow: Researchers from the LSE did a study of 150 countries & found that there’s more human trafficking where prostitution

@rcni (RCNi) tweeted:

Follow @rcni_clarelomas and @RCNi_Christine and @RCNi_MHPjournal for #RCN19 updates. Clare, Christine and Nick are… https://t.co/lajvRNAYZF

@annemarieraffer (anne marie rafferty) tweeted:

RT @RCN_OSWL: Congratulations ⁦@annemarieraffer⁩ now officially our new ⁦@theRCN⁩ president #RCN19 ⁦@cisanim⁩ ⁦@JudeRCN⁩ ⁦@RCNLondon⁩ https…

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