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Trend time: Tue Apr 21, 2015
Trend location: Detroit / United States
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@Wieneraaron () tweeted:

Ordering Pizza From The Dial Tone #420Regrets @midnight

@ () tweeted:

I spent all damn day looking for Waldo. Didn't find him. #420Regrets @midnight

@angelacobb (Angela Cobb) tweeted:

Nutella. You. Never. Had. A. Chance. @midnight #420Regrets

@EvilNorton (EvilNorton) tweeted:

Smoked the whole bag. Can't get up. Can't remember if I put the pizza in the over, let alone turned it on. #420Regrets @midnight

@buckzollo (buckzollo) tweeted:

Realizing that our whole solar system could be like on tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being. #420Regrets @midnight

@aaronsayswhat1 (Aaron Weinbaum) tweeted:

Chips too far from salsa @midnight #420Regrets

@ () tweeted:

Before I answer....are you cool, @midnight ? #420Regrets

@BigBrotherD (Damon) tweeted:

Met my wife in a Frozen chat room. #420Regrets @midnight

@JeffMcEnery (Jeff McEnery) tweeted:

I got mustard all over my ketchup-stained sweatpants. #420Regrets @midnight

@PigsPutnam (Sarah Putnam ) tweeted:

Points! "@vancesanders: I wondered "What ever happened to my old fax machine?" #420Regrets @midnight”

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