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Trend time: Tue Apr 21, 2015
Trend location: Detroit / United States
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@chhraleigh (C Hutchinson) tweeted:

Oregano. #420Regrets @midnight http://t.co/RrYwMtUzot

@zigx6969 (HotDogJello) tweeted:

This hipster Mustache #420Regrets @midnight

@miKllavotS (Mik) tweeted:

Tweeted @NerdistMom and begged her to adopt me over and over. Sorry, Mom. @midnight #420Regrets

@stephanbugaj (Stephan Bugaj) tweeted:

I... uh... don't remember. #420Regrets @midnight

@PlebianPictures (a total pleb) tweeted:

No Woman, I Cried #420Regrets @midnight

@angelacobb (Angela Cobb) tweeted:

RT @ronnypascale: Binge-watched Golden Girls. Now have a thing for Beau Arthur #420Regrets @midnight #PointsMe

@dackz (Dackz) tweeted:

Saw a string cheese "incident," ate all the string cheese #420Regrets @midnight

@LazerShow530 (Ryan) tweeted:

RT @TheBenWells: Made a Sandwhich so big I couldn't fit it in my mouth. Went to get a knife and forgot what I went to get. #420Regrets @mid…

@I_B_Phil (Phil) tweeted:

@midnight didn't pay the water bill, had to use bath water for the bong #420Regrets

@PrettyBoiFrutan (George Amoh) tweeted:

RT @SinCityChiGirl: I spent all damn day looking for Waldo. Didn't find him. #420Regrets @midnight

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