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Trend time: Tue Apr 21, 2015
Trend location: Detroit / United States
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@dbkimbro (Doc Dewdrop) tweeted:

Smoked some of my best oregano with @simonpegg. @midnight #420Regrets

@alfonosns (Chicharito Hernandez) tweeted:

RT @corbeauscott: Took a bite of a York Peppermint Pattie and I really just wanna get off this mountain. #420Regrets @midnight

@jetsfan24x7 (Josh) tweeted:

RT @MatthewGellert: Got a tattoo with invisible ink and have no idea where it is. #420Regrets @midnight

@CaptainEire (Erin) tweeted:

RT @JaimsVanDerBeek: watched all the Air Bud movies. No flying weed. #420Regrets @midnight

@Bizcuitman (Bizcuit) tweeted:

Thought Blackfish was about a racist whale in blackface #420Regrets @midnight

@MarianRosin (Marian Rosin) tweeted:

Can't get hands out of "this is the church" position and will have to live like this forever. #420Regrets @midnight

@KevinPlantz () tweeted:

RT @ronnypascale: Binge-watched Golden Girls. Now have a thing for Beau Arthur #420Regrets @midnight #PointsMe

@vancesanders (vance sanders) tweeted:

RT @PigsPutnam: Points! "@vancesanders: I wondered "What ever happened to my old fax machine?" #420Regrets @midnight”

@sparkleburnout (Sparkle B) tweeted:

RT @mseric: Before I answer....are you cool, @midnight ? #420Regrets

@LPizzle (Lamont Price) tweeted:

RT @JeffMcEnery: I got mustard all over my ketchup-stained sweatpants. #420Regrets @midnight

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