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Trend time: Tue Apr 21, 2015
Trend location: Detroit / United States
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@andrewrobscott (Ham Lushbaugh) tweeted:

Calling 911 and placing an order for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. #420Regrets @midnight

@Athenaknightly (Athena) tweeted:

RT @EvilNorton: Smoked the whole bag. Can't get up. Can't remember if I put the pizza in the over, let alone turned it on. #420Regrets @mi…

@TheGigconomist (Operation Cyclone) tweeted:

RT @NotAHuntley: Recorded my wedding over my VHS copy of Half-Baked #420Regrets @midnight

@Will3K85 (⚡Mr. Brightside) tweeted:

RT @bryanbehar: Tried, unsuccessfully, to drive my living room chair to Havana #420Regrets @midnight

@kennyreyes24 (reyes) tweeted:

RT @PornoAnime: #420Regrets @sonal_2 @Bmore_horny @Natuky85 @Honey_B69 @nlpantyhose @PollaPrenadora @18_HOT_18 @PornoBrazil @AZwtf http://…

@belugawhit49 (yoWH) tweeted:

RT @BigBrotherD: Met my wife in a Frozen chat room. #420Regrets @midnight

@Emphoto21 (Mrs. Em) tweeted:

I think I just smoked my shoe. @midnight #420Regrets

@Seancomitz (Sean Comitz) tweeted:

I spent 2 hours laughing and the noise that the springy door stopper makes.. #420Regrets @midnight

@ScottDeYager (SCOTT DEYAGER) tweeted:

Went online and got the worst news of my life! #420Regrets @midnight http://t.co/mQmSeDAuvi

@KrystynaHutch (Krystyna Hutchinson) tweeted:

Said "ohhh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HITLER!" while in line at Dairy Queen @midnight #420Regrets

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