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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Vladivostok / Russia
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@funkyfreshdad (lozza) tweeted:

When you hear that Zayn isnt feeling well: #GetWellSoonZayn http://t.co/OLdMkq0atk

@apizzawithniall (Larry!!) tweeted:

#GetWellSoonZayn Mamma: dove vai? Io: sto andando in Australia... Mamma: perché?! Io:Zayn sta male!!! Ci vediamooooo http://t.co/DbTHzs3h8D

@apizzawithniall (Larry!!) tweeted:

Il fandom quando Zayn è malato: #GetWellSoonZayn http://t.co/2nHVhjt8y7

@apizzawithniall (Larry!!) tweeted:

Sono peggio di una mamma preoccupata per il figlio di 2 mesi #GetWellSoonZayn

@hexingniall (Monaya) tweeted:

Zayn is sick but he sang 17 songs just for the fans that's why he's my idol. #GetWellSoonZayn http://t.co/EmDVWhLMEq

@esoteriches (ayesha) tweeted:

"Zayn is sick" THE WHOLE FANDOM RIGHT NOW : #GetWellSoonZayn http://t.co/xzNVMIItc7

@HARRYBAILAME (less) tweeted:

"Zayn salió a cantar estando enfermo, porque no quería decepcionar a las fans" #GetWellSoonZayn http://t.co/8X4x9fgLA8

@sacredzjm (Jasmine) tweeted:

REMEMBER IN ORLANDO ZAYN WAS SICK AND LIAM SAID THIS I STILL CRY #GetWellSoonZayn #WeAppreciateLiam http://t.co/Rqa2dG7xq7

@stealmypercy (june) tweeted:

se esforçou pra cantar as música pelas fãs, você é um anjo zayn #GetWellSoonZayn http://t.co/uk4wEwmTt0

@Bubalux3 (Katherine Matos ) tweeted:

"Are you listening to music ?" Jajajaja

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