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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
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@stealth_attack (Awa Kening) tweeted:

#Thailand's military junta has a roadmap. GOAL #1: Helping the Ruling Elite to recreate a feudal state.

@danarel (Dan Arel ) tweeted:

Just your friendly reminder that @Pontifex is a massive transphobic bigot. http://t.co/PHxKXnDwLN

@TOBE_iKON (TOB ❼ IK♢N ❼ TH) tweeted:

[✨] ลิขสิทธิ์เพลงของไอค่อน... Eng trans by lil6bboyo Thai trans by TOBE_iKON http://t.co/Fq0V2RYWzW

@ohmydeer0420 (OHMYDEERO42O⚡️) tweeted:

Luhan ever wrote Thai words

@20122Abaady (المتوفى عبدالمحسن ) tweeted:

@najafi_thai: {إن الذين اتقوا إذا مسهم طائف من الشيطان تذكروا فإذا هم مبصرون} [الأعراف:201] http://t.co/ngsTHvuP68

@SS_VJAddictz (ѕhrєчα) tweeted:

Ulaga Thai mozhi thinam !! #தமிழ்வாழ்க http://t.co/B2eavvYzh3

@Soouza_Maah (Maah Soouza) tweeted:

@claudiouai @_thai_cristina_ eeeu na galileeu aquela vez ķkkk

@subcafeTH (ซับคาเฟ่ ✌) tweeted:

141103 [Thai Sub] Han Love with GOT7 https://t.co/WYa9JT93Si http://t.co/M02iDZaOpO

@ziine (❌) tweeted:

Thai VIP Project #RISEinBKK

@newscomauHQ (news.com.au) tweeted:

Sully’s back after horror Thai crash http://t.co/Nmr1dAB5er

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