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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
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@vicsoory (A || s/h) tweeted:

Mino : "which ring do you prefer babe?" Taehyun : "pick the most expensive one, honey *flips hair*" http://t.co/x07K9mHY6T

@WINNERfamilyMH (WINNERfamilyMH) tweeted:

WWIC2015 in OSAKA #송민호 #Mino http://t.co/X77Yu67Dit

@sunkist_skn (선빵) tweeted:

[Fan acc WWIC Osaka] Mino is always careful to SeungYoon♥ #MinYoon. Also I love Taehyun's sense, Jinwoo's kindness :) http://t.co/DIvbE047tS

@WINNERfamilyMH (WINNERfamilyMH) tweeted:



[TransFA] ผู้ชนะ = จินอู ! Mino – นักเรียนมอปลายสาว Taehyun – พยาบาล Seungyoon – ชุดกะลาสี Hoon – ชุดเด็กอนุบาล Cr.wildforyoon

@wildforyoon (keax ☆) tweeted:

Taehyun: I want to film WINNER TV S2! Mino & Jinwoo: Me too! Mino & Hoon promised to go to Kawagoe together again. http://t.co/ld7

@wildforyoon (keax ☆) tweeted:

Suengyoon calling Mino cute after jokingly calling him out. ㅋㅋㅋ #MinYoon http://t.co/yL2HnCipRQ

@wildforyoon (keax ☆) tweeted:

lol it's cute that Seungyoon called Mino "omae" earlier which is usually only used among close friends or it could be seen as rude. #MinYoon

@WINNERfamilyMH (WINNERfamilyMH) tweeted:

WWIC2015 in OSAKA 02.20(2部) #송민호 #Mino #위너 #WINEER 昨日の写真です

@WINNERfamilyMH (WINNERfamilyMH) tweeted:

WWIC2015 in OSAKA 02.20(2部) #송민호 #Mino #이승훈 #Seunghoon #위너 #WINEER http://t.co/MsKBXtUbwF

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