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Trend time: Wed Jun 12, 2019
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@RevDrBarber (Rev. Dr. William J. ) tweeted:

There’s still time to join us in DC tomorrow as we march from the church house to the White House to demand justice… https://t.co/tjtXIyXBMp

@RabbiAlanna (Alanna Sklover) tweeted:

Returning with a rainbow of colleagues to the historic DC hub of the #poorpeolescampaign. Next, we march!… https://t.co/Apfy07Fp9i

@lennyaduncan (Lenny Duncan) tweeted:

Gathered with faith leaders from across the country to march on the White House with the @UniteThePoor campaign.… https://t.co/bCwnVNYld6

@RevJacquiLewis (Rev. Jacqui Lewis Ph) tweeted:

I’m with @RevDrBarber and hundreds of faith leaders to be conspicuous in the public square with our moral indictmen… https://t.co/21aGWnbCwS

@RevDrBarber (Rev. Dr. William J. ) tweeted:

Today we bring a prophetic indictment and a moral impeachment against the Trump administration. Join us via lives… https://t.co/sK6PCUdPKG

@BRepairers (RepairersOfTheBreach) tweeted:

Goin’ to the White House I’m gonna let it shine Let it shine let it shine let it shine! #MoralWitnessWednesday https://t.co/7ZSqIL5Jlr

@BRepairers (RepairersOfTheBreach) tweeted:

As extremist leaders driven by the idols of racism, greed and power continue to break the covenant, faith leaders a… https://t.co/JWHhqNYI6u

@AdrienneMahsa (Adrienne Mahsa Varki) tweeted:

About 300 people marching down H St to the White House for #MoralWitnessWednesday with @RevDrBarber https://t.co/vCAoLqGFRV

@SistersofMercy (Sisters of Mercy) tweeted:

#Mercy and #Catholic leaders are joining hundreds of other faith leaders in the interfaith #MoralWitnessWednesday n… https://t.co/n8NAWIF4Et

@EllerRyan (Ryan M. Eller) tweeted:

Attend to Matters of Justice https://t.co/pXEUiZnUNG via @defineamerican #moralwitnesswednesday

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