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Trend time: Wed Jun 12, 2019
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Gemma explains our #NoKidsInCages better than us. Check out this thread


#NoKidsInCages is trending nationally. Now that we have your attention: don’t look away. ICE currently has over… https://t.co/56VR9Ubpto


#NoKidsInCages https://t.co/46Ln6rrrvs


@Annalee_Perez Thank you so much, Annalee. #NoKidsInCages

@Katpa73 (Shannon is in FIGHT ) tweeted:

We see stories in the news about horrible child abuse cases where the children are locked up or chained to their be… https://t.co/WcpMIYOoeo


Walking by is no longer an option. This is happening right now. Kids at our border are still being ripped from par… https://t.co/W76Dw65W8I

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

Putting refugee children in cages after separating them from their families is child abuse. Trump and everyone invo… https://t.co/acbTSof6eu

@thehill (The Hill) tweeted:

Activists set up #NoKidsInCages art installations blaring audio of crying migrant kids around New York City… https://t.co/Szc3MwcwdH

@AmericanXMom (Gayla Schaefer) tweeted:

Do unto others’ children as you would have done to your own. It’s called the #GoldenRule. #FightLikeAMother until… https://t.co/71CA96DqV7

@msun_12 (MSUN) tweeted:

RT @chelipj: .@RAICESTEXAS Is Making Sure You Don’t Forget That the U.S. Put Kids in Cages https://t.co/DvaHlxVGOe #nokidsincages

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