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@jencoleICT (Jen Cole #smechat ) tweeted:

Heeey #smechat! I just finished speaking at #smdayict and these awesome friends were cheering me and… https://t.co/DNbsf9F0ZU

@SMExaminer (Social Media Examine) tweeted:

We’re looking forward to an awesome chat about updates to LinkedIn advertising! To get us started, please introduce… https://t.co/4Ov3qn0WjV

@markpgus (Mark Gustafson) tweeted:

A3: GET INSPIRED!!! Smart marketers have been getting in competitor remarketing campaigns but most of that happens… https://t.co/sniZVkBq50

@SMExaminer (Social Media Examine) tweeted:

@MeetEdgar Yessss! Pretty awesome, right? -Jen #smechat

@MLLNNLmotivator (Dan Willis #SAIS2019) tweeted:

@SMExaminer A3 Knowledge is power. Free insights into the priorities and focus of your competitors is massive!… https://t.co/T25H5DovJD

@SMExaminer (Social Media Examine) tweeted:

Q4. Why do you think that 78% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn for their social media campaigns? -Jen #smechat https://t.co/zT87WyCI5J

@wilcoxaj (AJ Wilcox) tweeted:

A4 Definitely for 1) The targeting (where else can you reach all of their precise audience at scale?) and 2) the mi… https://t.co/FNbgEQtban

@vrajshahspeaks (⚡ Vraj Shah ) tweeted:

@SMExaminer A3. As a marketer 1. I will store it somewhere so I can reuse and compare with my content. 2. Get idea… https://t.co/KhiHrsKtKu

@ashleykaysocial (Ashley Kay) tweeted:

Join us at #smechat for an awesome discussion on LinkedIn! @SMExaminer

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @jencoleICT: Heeey #smechat! I just finished speaking at #smdayict and these awesome friends were cheering me and @SocialJewelsICT on! S…

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