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@JDHaveman (Joshua Haveman) tweeted:

The room is full of travelers, thieves, and would-be adventurers - many who would kill us if they knew what power w… https://t.co/toguLiESUT

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

As he sat across from me his pupils erased all but a thin edge of iris: the way feline eyes looked right before a p… https://t.co/Tk0vVmFmk4

@MarianneSciucco (Marianne Sciucco) tweeted:

A blur of dark fur leaped down from the top of a cabinet and swirled around her legs. She bent down to pat the blac… https://t.co/3UBuKY1pwH

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Cristina peeked in from the bathroom, covering herself with a towel. Grizabella lay at the foot of the bed, one eye… https://t.co/axiy3NPgL7

@vscotttheauthor (Veronica Scott) tweeted:

#1linewed 'cat' For a moment, the sun glinted on the Nile, and it appeared there was a woman standing on the stone,… https://t.co/XBqNkFls99

@donnavstone (D.V. Stone) tweeted:

Aíndle tall and muscular but not in the way of their Prince He was more like a #panther, while Kíeran more a ##lion… https://t.co/6eZI6HPkCE

@KateKisset (Kate Kisset) tweeted:

"The woman is simmering in her jeans for me. She just doesn't know what to do about it." #1linewed #Heartbreaker… https://t.co/kt3QdngVOF

@spoonerwrites (ʟ. ꜱᴘᴏᴏɴᴇʀ) tweeted:

Eri’s putting some small, neatly-wrapped packages in my scruffy old bag. “There’s some candles in there to go to th… https://t.co/zmnVTIrPjS

@Imani_Wisdom (Imani Wisdom) tweeted:

"For being as young as I was, I read many emotions in the window of her eyes – confusion, anger, and fear – and I e… https://t.co/ROaXm4XlQJ

@JWilck (Jennifer Wilck) tweeted:

“I think I need a break from dating, though. I haven’t met anyone even halfway decent in months. I’d be better off… https://t.co/wnEoIfv6Du

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