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@TeamBrandonR (Team Brandon Routh) tweeted:

Next week: June 12th is Superman Day!! How will you celebrate?? #Superman #SupermanDay #BrandonRouth #MySuperman https://t.co/79yCwIUnO8

@brendaniela1 () tweeted:

#SupermanDay mi superhéroe favorito

@GeorgeTakei (George Takei) tweeted:

Happy #SupermanDay, friends! Who is your favorite Superman? https://t.co/fEpGgowGEE

@Gamamtz_ (Alexys) tweeted:

Hoy se cumplen 75 años del maximo súper héroe de todos! Con él empieza y termina todo. #SupermanDay https://t.co/gCDnp8FgdC

@zakiscorner (Zaki Hasan) tweeted:

#Superman is an avatar of wish fulfillment who reminds us the capacity for unlimited kindness and compassion are th… https://t.co/stRRMIw275

@ethanalter (Ethan Alter) tweeted:

Happy #SupermanDay! Here's Brendan Fraser remembering the "invincible" feeling of putting on the Man of Steel suit… https://t.co/3xNUsyuhqc

@CatsProtection (Cats Protection) tweeted:

And now for a news story worthy of #SupermanDay

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Happy #SupermanDay! https://t.co/aFL9SebcB7

@AdamofGotham (Adam Stabelli) tweeted:

In honor of #SupermanDay, I wanna share my favorite scene of any Superman movie. Clark flying for the first time. Y… https://t.co/u499jKPJsL

@ComicBookDebate (ComicBook Debate) tweeted:

For #SupermanDay, give a listen to Christopher Reeve & his philosophy on #Superman. Remains relevant to today’s w… https://t.co/cfXxQk

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