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@MrsLamon (Mrs. Lamon’s Class) tweeted:

Starting our day off right at #AETC2019 #TCSLearns https://t.co/A28rJvdIrw

@readtoleadgames (Read to Lead) tweeted:

#FlipgridFever at @AETC_Alabama! #AETC2019 https://t.co/0yjE0kpTOr

@HeyLibraraman (Steven Yates) tweeted:

I’m sure the crowd flocked to these welcoming faces! #AETC2019 https://t.co/Or2NOOALfw

@udmartin (Dr. Ursula Martin) tweeted:

Learning about Digital Literacy deployment at MCPSS with @michelewcollier and Debbie Turner at #AETC2019 https://t.co/Gn9Ju41Vmz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I can’t wait to use Wakelet in my classroom next year! Thanks for an awesome session @JWOKedtech @MrsWtech #AETC2019 https://t.co/Fh9Pfr3R01

@mrstechpig () tweeted:

Let’s get our game on at #AETC2019 with @bigguyinabowtie

@cclaylambert (Caroline Clay Lamber) tweeted:

Did you know your were coding when doing the Hokey Pokey? Loving this real-life example by @itsinpc #AETC2019 https://t.co/QAaC5tY6hk

@KRQuarles () tweeted:

Tech Talk with Wakelet with @TCSBoardofEd Tech Coaches Amanda & John! #TCSatAETC19 #AETC2019 #TCSLearns https://t.co/UJSZUDg7al

@KRQuarles () tweeted:

@AETC_Alabama’s head honchos! Mr. Terry can read me like a book & I love it! He bestowed Diva & Worship Me flags to… https://t.co/KE

@techie_teacher1 (Hope Elliott) tweeted:

I am loving using @wakelet for all of my @AETC_Alabama conference notes and resources!!

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