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Trend time: Wed Jun 12, 2019
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@manuelherrera33 (Manuel S. Herrera) tweeted:

Excited to be heading to Arkansas to @I2sdale today to keynote about how drawing is a thinking process! #i2sdale… https://t.co/U8Y9wGFvpM

@mrhall5634 (Michael Hall) tweeted:

The kids last year are not the same kids as this year. @alicekeeler #i2Sdale https://t.co/ZfgNnBEYkS

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@alicekeeler has solved all the problems of educators everywhere...use a spreadsheet! You should have your students… https://t.co/x0H8pac1Ut

@KBaumgartner75 (Kristy Baumgartner) tweeted:

RT @mhignite: “If you can’t let go, how are you going to step into the future with your kids.” @alicekeeler #bemorelibrarian #i2sdale

@sara_sedwards (Sara Edwards) tweeted:

@teachkiwi Thanks!! #i2sdale

@gennakaye (genna kaye) tweeted:

#i2sdale learning so much already! https://t.co/Nc5fA7steZ

@conoly89 (Sandy Conoly) tweeted:

RT @MickMack629: It doesn’t matter if it’s Google Docs or Microsoft Office, what matters is that we teach students the ability to figure it…

@mrsljscience (Jacqui Lovejoy) tweeted:

Working and can't remember how to do something in the Google Basics? Check out @tylertarver created videos in a che… https://t.co/vu9geOgMQE

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Y’all @alicekeeler is legit. #usethetimeyougot she’s conducting a mini session during lunch

@Hightechteach1 (T Berwaldt, M. Ed) tweeted:

Did you know that Google Explore has a "cite" feature? Did you know you can select MLA or APA? Do you know that i… https://t.co/SCeK4EEhp0

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