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Trend time: Wed Jun 12, 2019
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@TheDukeOfYork (The Duke of York) tweeted:

Five years ago, in the Picture Gallery at St James’s Palace, The Duke of York hosts the first ever Pitch@Palace – a… https://t.co/r7SeQOgch6

@TheDukeOfYork (The Duke of York) tweeted:

This evening at St James’s Palace, The Duke of York will host #pitchatpalace 11.0, where 42 #Entrepreneurs from acr… https://t.co/5FrXnpir3R

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Wonderful to see our Co-Founder and MD Francesca featured in @DailyMailUK as an alumi of @pitchatpalace and best of… https://t.co/6rF7RlsMwF

@TheDukeOfYork (The Duke of York) tweeted:

@MrsMolecular (Dr Olivia Champion) tweeted:

We're in St James's Palace having our sound check at #PitchAtPalace Very exciting! @UniofExeter @pitchatpalace https://t.co/oV8mIiT9jv

@RoyalFamily (The Royal Family) tweeted:

Today, The Duke of York will attending #pitchatpalace 11.0 at St James's Palace. Follow @TheDukeOfYork live for mor… https://t.co/LhxQysNfX3

@TheDukeOfYork (The Duke of York) tweeted:

The Duke of York joins the #pitchatpalace 11.0 #Entrepreneurs at St James’s Palace – Good Luck to everyone Pitching… https://t.co/qedHtwNbtM

@AlexDEMitchell (Alex Mitchell) tweeted:

Tonight is @pitchatpalace 11.0 Great initiative setup by @TheDukeOfYork of which I'm an elevator/ mentor. It's abou… https://t.co/qBm7OPacnO

@pitchatpalace (Pitch@Palace) tweeted:

The #pitchatpalace 11.0 Pitches are about to start. Thank you to @thulme for moderating today! https://t.co/ymO4CRt7qO

@HanadiJabado (Hanadi Jabado) tweeted:

Packed rooms of #investors #Tech leaders #corporates tonight @pitchatpalace to support #pitchatpalace… https://t.co/OTgqWkA0zU

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