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Trend time: Thu Jun 13, 2019
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@WildBoston (Wild Bill Boston UK) tweeted:

"We liked the absurdity of putting Rob Lowe in Lincolnshire" The writers of #WildBill reveal why they set it in… https://t.co/1V0zzHZZMt

@Directors_UK (Directors UK) tweeted:

#WildBill, starring @RobLowe, starts tonight on @ITV! We spoke to our member @ClaireTailyour about directing 2nd un… https://t.co/TGl5G3b0Zb

@ITV (ITV) tweeted:

Rob Lowe thinks he knows his fries from his chips. So how does he get on in our British lingo test?

@CBGActors (Curtis Brown Actors) tweeted:

Make sure you tune in to @ITV at 9pm to see @AnjMohindra and #SummerRichards in new drama #WildBill. May the FORCE… https://t.co/2G0ZfdS67s

@lmejino (Lorenzo Mejino) tweeted:

Rob Lowe estrena nueva serie esta.noche en la ITV británica #WildBill. Un polcia de Boston es nombrado jefe de poli… https://t.co/7veaCDBfJ6

@lincspolice (Lincolnshire Police) tweeted:

Ever watched a police drama with someone who works for the police? We are ten minutes into #WildBill (new police dr… https://t.co/TVBY0LzHjW

@lincspolice (Lincolnshire Police) tweeted:

Watching #wildbill on @ITV? Bear in mind it's a drama. IT'S NOT REAL. It's not really #Boston and definitely not wh… https://t.co/I8xzc58wWk

@lincspolice (Lincolnshire Police) tweeted:

To any criminals out there watching #wildbill on @ITV... rest assured, we carry out meticulous scene examinations a… https://t.co/LOOC7fWmx4

@mrstracey1972 (tracey) tweeted:

#WildBill #RobLowe why all the bitching about the incorrect accents or anything else - its called light entertain… https://t.co/JiQDHXD1I1

@itvcorrie (Coronation Street) tweeted:

Hey @ITV did we just see them watching Coronation Street on #WildBill?

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