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Trend time: Thu Jun 13, 2019
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@Norsk24 () tweeted:

@ChrisLoesch #JoBrand hate is a lifestyle choice. #stopthehate #dontbeabitch #strtwiththemaninthemirror #howquicklyweforget #lovehealshate

@maicarnell (Emma Carnell) tweeted:

Somethings you can’t defend. Over stepped the mark and needs to apologise. Maybe spend some time in a Burns unit an… https://t.co/G5pi0wVo2p

@Ravagiing (☤) tweeted:

Quiet frankly #jobrand has always been an exasperating vile pos. Inciting violence & extremism is unacceptable!… https://t.co/CMtHiqeS

@a_nitak (anita K) tweeted:

It's never okay to 'joke' about using battery acid on anyone. Doesn't matter what your politics are. #JoBrand

@Nick_BLM (Nick) tweeted:

If you have a problem with Jo Brand tweet but not Danny Baker racist monkey tweet you are the problem! #JoBrand https://t.co/onVk3v8Dsa

@Flippin_Menthol (Sir Cumference) tweeted:

"Jo Brand" I bet Danny Baker is feeling pretty pissed off today! Blatant double standards from the BBC of acid thro… https://t.co/PjCjsYsJsl

@KonstantinKisin (Konstantin Kisin) tweeted:

People are right to be angry at the double standards re: #JoBrand. A right wing comedian saying that about a left w… https://t.co/vJFG2ekC1L

@BUSTofBritish (Corbyn-DianeOxide Wi) tweeted:

@OffTheKerb #JoBrand thinks this is a joking matter https://t.co/Xys9yIGFLg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@AndySaxon6 @crusaderkeif Ok as they say if it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander.!! So next time you se… https://t.co/H0iXT2D9QO

@Samhutchings101 (Samantha Hutchings) tweeted:

@LBC @darrenadam @LBC Just by saying “I’m not going to do it” doesn’t clear #JoBrand of inciting violence. She sai… https://t.co/hhueztzrEy

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