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Trend time: Thu Jun 13, 2019
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@Haggis_UK (Haggis_UK #FBPE ) tweeted:

.@skysarahjane - Boris Johnson is not bland & he's not boring, but do you accept he lies? Liz Truss - No, I would… https://t.co/TNcIsv

@shahil95 (Shahil Parmar) tweeted:

Theresa May’s cruel & callous legacy: - 4,200,000 kids in poverty - 13,000 homeless veterans - 6,600 MH nurses cut… https://t.co/OVDQG9

@Jamin2g (Ben) tweeted:

Corbyn quoted Anne Frank and then welcomed Lisa Forbes of Peterborough who is accused of anti-semitism. #pmqs

@BBCPolitics (BBC Politics) tweeted:

Jeremy Corbyn on #Brexit: "No-deal would be disastrous... I think some of (the PM's) colleagues need reminding of t… https://t.co/6ssuJdOGk5

@AngelaRayner (Angela Rayner) tweeted:

Listening to #PMQs week in week out hearing the PM say over&over again "it's the last Labour governments fault" wha… https://t.co/ys3myp

@SpillerOfTea (Mildly Irritated Max) tweeted:

Why in fuck's name is Theresa May still bothering with #PMQs? It's like continuing to wash your other half's skidd… https://t.co/eUYaJgpt4m

@BBCPolitics (BBC Politics) tweeted:

"The state of politics in this place is humiliating, the Tory leadership race is a total horror show" The SNP's Ia… https://t.co/fB03OlHCNr

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Well we have s company willing to drug test all MPs for the #TakeTheTest campaign. Please contact your local MP to… https://t.co/omXF62DHEX

@RoryStewartUK (Rory Stewart) tweeted:

Very proud to be with the PM on the front bench for #PMQs today - an immensely dignified performance - history will… https://t.co/AJWb7aFNP8

@TheGreenParty (The Green Party) tweeted:

#PMQs - @CarolineLucas gets in last question: In the #ClimateEmergency will Theresa May take action, not just set… https://t.co/8MBYCrDpzN

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