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@GeneVatow (Indigenous Soul) tweeted:

Mounting Indigo Driving Night Into Gasps and Holding Tight #vss365 #midnight #acrostic

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

It wasn’t the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch; Lucy’s heart grew cold, it was just after #midnight and the circl… https://t.co/AZWyF7Zp3Q

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Midnight awakened, leaving his lover Daylight to keep resting, sleep seemed to evade him. He searched the mountain… https://t.co/xGlEi1hubh

@ayisi_yaw (Yaw Ayisi) tweeted:

Morning Is Dark Night In Greatest Height. Twelve O'clock #vss365 #midnight #acrostic

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

It's a few minutes past #midnight when I'm taking one last read of the local TV news site before heading to bed.… https://t.co/vfjZqaUysH

@GeneVatow (Indigenous Soul) tweeted:

She whispered every #midnight and held my heart so true. #vss365 https://t.co/rqTjEwFZpP

@Frogerta (Noel) tweeted:

Mom, can we keep her? Another pet?! That I end up having to care for?! Mom, we promise to feed her and stuff. We… https://t.co/XZPTdpYVzG

@legacyofjudas (Christian Aragon) tweeted:

The Obsidian Coven slaved to gather 6 children, 6 corrupt men, 6 virgin girls of seventeen to fill the requirement… https://t.co/CzujubjAj1

@The_Drew1505 (The Drew is Actually) tweeted:

There she is. Standing up on that stage belting out a late night siren song, her dress and her eyes the sort of… https://t.co/4Z6vvvCN3G

@JoyEnzed (Joy S.Parker) tweeted:

#vss365a #midnight #vss365 She proudly spun around, showing off her new dress of midnight blue. "And look, it's g… https://t.co/TkKSQQOT8X

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