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Trend time: Thu Jun 13, 2019
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@MutterMuseum (Mütter Museum) tweeted:

Thanks for the shout out @GrittyNHLl! We're big fans of yours too! https://t.co/cenZt6mrbP #visitphilly #GMA… https://t.co/D11DbsvASp

@6abc (Action News on 6abc) tweeted:

Welcome to Philadelphia, @GMA! #GMAInPhilly https://t.co/y2ot5q8QH6

@GMA (Good Morning America) tweeted:

When you remember it's #GMAinPhilly tomorrow

@PPFpretzels (PhillyPretzelFactory) tweeted:

We stopped by #GMAinPhilly today while they were setting up for the big show tomorrow to drop off a delicious taste… https://t.co/JAEQZJPdaM

@GMA (Good Morning America) tweeted:

TOMORROW: @GMA is taking our show on the road to Philadelphia! Tune in for some very special guests LIVE!… https://t.co/6rwccZNieM

@GMA (Good Morning America) tweeted:

TOMORROW ON @GMA: The iconic Patti LaBelle performs for us LIVE from her hometown of Philadelphia! #GMAInPhilly… https://t.co/UjREMklEpp

@Phillies (Philadelphia Phillie) tweeted:

Loved having noted Philadelphia fan @michaelstrahan and the @GMA crew in the house tonight. #GMAinPhilly https://t.co/ZHKpd6mYli

@GMA (Good Morning America) tweeted:

.@GMA is taking the show on the road to Philadelphia! Don't miss #GMAinPhilly TOMORROW! We'll have guest appearance… https://t.co/wR19C8rGIV

@GMA (Good Morning America) tweeted:

.@GMA is taking the show on the road to Philadelphia and @RobinRoberts had a blast today on The Rocky Steps! Don'… https://t.co/rcChckzxt5

@GMA (Good Morning America) tweeted:

Check out @RobinRoberts, @michaelstrahan and @Ginger_Zee throwing out the first pitch at the @Phillies game! Tune… https://t.co/d8Ki7r6tBw

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