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New Balance

Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Phoenix / United States
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@Joeisone (Joseph Boateng III) tweeted:

What a year for New Balance. First Liverpool winning the UCL. Now Kawhi leading the Raptors to a title. Sauceless brand but I stan.

@wordsplayed (wordsplayed) tweeted:


@vaughnondrej16 (BRODIE ) tweeted:

RT @brkicks: “IT’S NEW BALANCE.”

@coolbreeze024 (Coolbreeze) tweeted:

Ricky K Goodman a New Balance Basketball Band Lifer https://t.co/OsqSNCumus https://t.co/afDZUfEJvP

@uncle876 (Uncle.) tweeted:

RT @brkicks: “IT’S NEW BALANCE.”

@Geniedepalaiso (Twenty-fifth Baam) tweeted:

RT @brkicks: “IT’S NEW BALANCE.”

@purple2fanman (Jordan Fields) tweeted:

RT @ChrisPalmerNBA: Kawhi Leonard just won an NBA championship and Finals MVP wearing New Balance. He really can do it all.

@XTank_ (XaToven.) tweeted:

A nigga in new balance And cornrows https://t.co/YIY0g3RlNi

@chevrundeep (Chevy maliibu) tweeted:

I need a pair of New balance

@izRdamsA (RizzoYaDigg) tweeted:

This nigga won the championship in some New Balance

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