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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Phoenix / United States
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@chrisnewtokyo (Chris Sasaki) tweeted:

レナードのシューティングを静かに見つめている男性がいたと思ったら、黒のジャケットの男性はTOR球団社長のマサイ・ウジリ!次々と大物が挨拶に来てます。そして毎回レナードの静かなルーティンワークの精度とそのサイズ、フィジカルには唖然と… https://t.co/DiT6mroo3f

@LizHabib (Liz Habib) tweeted:

THIS. is all that. #Game6

@baalyhann (GP) tweeted:

Me, tomorrow at the office after #Raptors win

@KiaCanada (Kia Canada) tweeted:

They said the #NBAFinals would never get this far, but then again - we know a thing or two about the Power to Surpr… https://t.co/w1jyfQBPH4

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@BBR_RTs (#BBR tag and follow ) tweeted:

RT @SeductressSav: Im hyped. Of course the one thing that would make this night even better is a drain!!! DM accordingly. #findom #femdo…

@coolstory_joe (Prop Joe) tweeted:

with the title on the line guys that scored more points in #game6 than the only unanimous mvp in nba history on hi… https://t.co/McujdbTx9H

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @JustinTrudeau: Watching #Game6 with my favourite @Raptors fans! #RaptorsIn6ix #WeTheNorth https://t.co/5KimELgSXM

@EmmaMikulinski (Emma Mikulinski) tweeted:

RT @JohnTory: Historic night in Toronto as our @Raptors take home #Game6 of the #NBAFinals to win our first @NBA Championship. These fans,…

@_dvana (Butterfly Effect) tweeted:

RT @dxoraa: Let’s go #Game6 https://t.co/na6tHQY0D5

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