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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Phoenix / United States
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@its_makoda1 (BÈrLiN) tweeted:

Congratulations to Raptors #WeTheNorth #LetsGoRaptors #NBAFnals https://t.co/syb8bSvab4

@bjo2411 (Brendan O'Malley) tweeted:

It took the warriors losing Kd and Klay and a 4 bounce,corner fade away,in a game 7 for the raptors to win the titl… https://t.co/URet9RhcC5

@jewels_my (Jewel S) tweeted:

@cnnbrk What does NBA stand for? If N=National, then why is Canada, a different country allowed to play in NBA playoffs? #NBAFnals

@sdossani24 (Salman Dossani) tweeted:

@Drake light Toronto up bro!!! They bringing that gold home!!!!! #NBAFnals #TorontoRaptors

@87Halfpint () tweeted:

@KENS5 @ksatnews well well well #NBAFnals

@bretisrael (bret israel) tweeted:

Steve Kerr hit on a very important point: every sport season is absurdly elongated, propelled purely by greed. Reg… https://t.co/yF0uDIm06k

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

And y'all thought this was a joke. #NBAFnals https://t.co/deMDNdsRqj

@Jean_Claude21 (Jéan-Claude Hubbard) tweeted:

Board Man got paid #NBAFnals #RaptorsvsWarriors

@TheRea1SLee (ⓢimeon Lee †(שִׁמְעו) tweeted:

#NBAFnals https://t.co/IvdKxfGPgg

@charmaineja4 (Charmaine) tweeted:

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors in winning the 2019 nba championship

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