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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
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@ComplexSports (Complex Sports) tweeted:

Jeremy Lin is going to the NBA Finals

@ryan_moedl (Moedl Beckham Jr) tweeted:

This man has a ring!! Well deserved young king

@Oahu_Raider808 (hiSEAN808) tweeted:

Jeremy Lin now has more NBA Championships than Charles Barkley #Legend #Linsanity #NBAFinals2019

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#linsanity is a NBA Champion #nbafinals #WeTheNorth

@TMSreport (TMSR) tweeted:

Congratulations to the @raptors and all of Canada! #TMSR #NBAFinals #Podcast #Linsanity https://t.co/heLBYf7z3t

@BaileyHungate (Hungate) tweeted:

RT @SoleCollector: #LINSANITY

@thatguywildin (65 Apollo) tweeted:

RT @ExtendoBans: #linsanity https://t.co/5guFSiKcGn

@_cfresh (C) tweeted:

RT @SoleCollector: #LINSANITY

@angelina (Angelina Zarkova ) tweeted:

RT @ComplexSports: Jeremy Lin is going to the NBA Finals

@boitnott_jordan (Jordan Boitnott) tweeted:

RT @SoleCollector: #LINSANITY

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