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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
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@elleinvd (happy elephant) tweeted:

Oh the Raptors won? It’s lit #NBAFinal2019

@AdrianaMonsalve (Adriana Monsalve) tweeted:

¡Nuevo monarca en la NBA! @Raptors se corona por primera ocasión en su historia. En lo que ha sido un JUEGAZO. Se t… https://t.co/Ysa7Brl5oG

@DatGirlFriday (⚛️Gloria's Daughter⚛) tweeted:

All the Canadians out there.....congrats! Drake is a douche and Doris is annoying af but what a great win!!… https://t.co/mTOmnzqtUK

@EmeyMT (Faith MT) tweeted:

We the North!!!! Game 6 for the 6ix!!! #WeTheNorth #ChampionsLeague2019 #LetsGoRaptors #NBAFinal2019 #Raptors… https://t.co/TPr4SNAvwz


Congratulations to the @Raptors and @Drake.

@RadioMARCA (Radio MARCA) tweeted:

@NewsMobileIndia (NewsMobile) tweeted:

NBA Finals 2019: Raptors defeat the Warriors 114-110 to win their first ever NBA Championship @NBA #NBAFinal2019… https://t.co/qGbNdYtx8I

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

To those on social media worries I was in a wheelchair out on the court, it was preventative so I don’t end up in a… https://t.co/RAN0TIMqba

@ivanedlm (Iván) tweeted:

Los #Gasol, los únicos hermanos que han ganado un anillo NBA en la historia (y los únicos que protagonizaron un sal… https://t.co/cXxL0lOSjB

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

All of #NBATwitter now that Golden State Warriors have lost.#nba #NBAFinal2019 https://t.co/4NnQFfP3h8

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