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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Bologna / Italy
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@FritoOnTheRadio (Frito) tweeted:

Y'all...I can't wait to play #WhoDoULove for you tonight on @1027kj103!! I have a feeling @OfficialMonstaX matched… https://t.co/2jVqOjgJTJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Please stream and support! they have worked incredibly hard on this song!

@minpuppie () tweeted:

#WhoDoULove playing on my local radio station it’s unreal i’m so proud and happy

@ultsmx (shar #HBDtoSHOWNU) tweeted:

#WHODOULOVE is out everywhere now! It’s time to stream on iTunes and/or Spotify and get Monsta X on those charts!!… https://t.co/QUMtLXnwkB

@Equinoccio___ (Sol ) tweeted:

@OfficialMonstaX Los voy a llenar de corazones porque sí!

@yulissa462000 (Yuli ) tweeted:

Me hubiese encantado escuchar la voz de Changkyun, no lo puedo negar, pero debo recalcar que la canción es una bomb… https://t.co/F3RI4Sgfr0

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Keep streaming!! Ayeeee the song is so lit! Slay kings

@royalflail () tweeted:

#MONBEBE in addition to stre aming on spotify or apple music, please remember to S H A Z A M the song. Clear from… https://t.co/hdHpo6uact

@molly_madd (Molly) tweeted:

I’m assuming the USA can listen to #WHODOULOVE now. Europe could a few hours ago I think. Am I right? Is there anyone who can’t yet?

@daffadilflower (caroline || ) tweeted:

the harmonies in the chorus were exquisite and jooheon ad libs were ~chef's kiss

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