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@jco_castillo (jco | #13YearsOfTayl) tweeted:

RT @MabieIsland: Goose is dancing with his purple flower and is in love with @taylorswift13 #YouNeedToCalmDown #YNTCDtonight #YNTCD @taylor…

@LalYazareth (Lal) tweeted:

RT @Jactay13: "Y controla tus ganas de opinar sobre las personas que odias, porque el shade nunca hizo a nadie menos gay" LOS QUE PERTENEC…

@picswiftie13 (bua NEEDS TO CALM DO) tweeted:

RT @taylornation13: MOOD #YNTCDtonight https://t.co/af4B5mEwlZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @updateswiftbr: Taylor sobre #YouNeedToCalmDown “Eu tenho observado muitas pessoas diferentes na nossa sociedade que colocam muita energ…

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