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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Munich / Germany
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @NHL: Busch Stadium is swapping out the red for some blue tonight. #Game7 #StanleyCup https://t.co/FI8uZSRjhP

@the_mls (Missouri Sports) tweeted:

RT @KMOXSports: This city is our city. This Cup is our cup. #StanleyCup #STLBlues #WeAllBleedBlue https://t.co/yZuWr7cYgy

@FishSTL (Michael Fisher) tweeted:

RT @FSMidwest: If this doesn't give you chills then not sure what will. @StLouisBlues fans have been waiting a long time for this. #Stanley…

@TheATrainSTL (Arlington Lane II) tweeted:

RT @angelamarie85: My dad passed while cheering on the @StLouisBlues during Game 5 of the #StanleyCup finals. When I told my mom, instead o…

@mackattack2070 (Mackenzie • 2019 STA) tweeted:

RT @RichEisenShow: Why wasn't Jon Hamm at Game 7 last night for @StLouisBlues historic #StanleyCup win? And he's joining what movie franch…

@anttirantanen3 (Antti Rantanen) tweeted:

RT @NHL: Stanley, meet Laila. #StanleyCup https://t.co/TScL24otTC

@McCombs_Josh (Josh McCombs) tweeted:

RT @PR_NHL: Game 7 of the #StanleyCup Final between the @StLouisBlues and @NHLBruins on @NBC is the most-watched NHL game on record. Detail…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @keeperofthecup: The sun is setting on the first day of "Summer with Stanley" in St Louis, home of the 2019 #StanleyCup champions @StLou…

@CorwinFrice (Corwin) tweeted:

RT @johnkrasinski: Game 7! Let’s do this!!! #NHL #StanleyCup @jennafischer https://t.co/BxMokfdLLr

@ForCollecting (ForCollecting) tweeted:

RT @dynastybeautyb: Check out VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS vs ST LOUIS BLUES GAME PUCK 03/30/18 LIMITED EDITION https://t.co/BoIDZXunjy via @eBay…

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