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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Malaga / Spain
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@taymaliks (isa) tweeted:

swifties que estão desde o country vendo a taylor sendo brega que nada mais é doq as raízes dela (stream… https://t.co/E8fsOwOcSb

@thejitterbug759 (Bradley Berdecia) tweeted:

I can’t believe Taylor Swift released #YouNeedToCalmDown on Trump’s birthday sjsjsjsj https://t.co/29u6ObNQLg

@redlipclassic_ (Mandy LOVES Taylor ) tweeted:

@taylornation13 What’s sleep anyways?? #YouNeedToCalmDown https://t.co/GGsXH7tpS2

@AlyssaVazquez13 (Alyssa) tweeted:

Taylor Swift having no time for sexism or homophobia is my favorite kind of Taylor Swift #YouNeedToCalmDown https://t.co/I1PWQEMAZp

@goddesssihamm (Goddess Siham) tweeted:

#YouNeedToCalmDown it’s only pussy https://t.co/etFO0Vh6zt

@kadekonrad (kade) tweeted:

Our reaction to the new song! WE CAN’T CALM DOWN!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Taylor really came after them haters and homophobes AND I AM HERE FOR IT #YouNeedToCalmDown @taylornation13 @taylorswift13

@ts13iwase (123 Let’s go calm do) tweeted:

RT @TSwiftNZ:

@thenchantedream (Angie.) tweeted:

Queen @taylorswift13 slays again ! YES TayTay

@swissbetintl (SwissBet Intl) tweeted:

Play and win big. Join the rest here...https://t.co/1vRpEM6vUC #NBAFinals #WeTheNorth Raptors #YouNeedToCalmDown C… https://t.co/YFMldBWnbA

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