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Trend time: Fri Jun 14, 2019
Trend location: Orlando / United States
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@SI_ExtraMustard (SI Extra Mustard) tweeted:


@anthonyVslater (Anthony Slater) tweeted:

Warriors looking at the very real likelihood of opening next season without Klay Thompson for a large chunk of games https://t.co/Fun7I5ofgg

@basketusa (Basket USA) tweeted:

Rupture d’un ligament du genou pour Klay Thompson ! https://t.co/3NeEP9VNjc https://t.co/mQqLkc9ZXn

@InsideHoops (InsideHoops.com NBA) tweeted:

Wow, awful: Kevin Durant ruptured Achilles in NBA Finals Game 5, and now Klay Thompson Game 6 injury is a torn ACL… https://t.co/OaEBdQ7MPs

@SIChrisMannix (Chris Mannix) tweeted:

Warriors ownership is going to have some very difficult decisions to make. Its two top free agents -- Durant and Th… https://t.co/F3MZc9gHRP

@warriors_bra (Warriors Brasil) tweeted:

Perder um título de qualquer maneira é ruim. Mas perder Kevin Durant e Klay Thompson por lesões gravíssimas que pod… https://t.co/11OPNdOInY

@CarverJohnny (Johnny Carver) tweeted:

I don’t think any team crossed Klay Thompson off their max-level free agent list. He’d get the max for any duration… https://t.co/2HcJ9rixMw

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Big thanks to all our school partners ;@iSpaceGh @pilolo_gh @VMincorp @Ghanathink @CoolenAnne *Thompson Blay*, Dabo… https://t.co/Bdwmudo6Nj

@wojespn (Adrian Wojnarowski) tweeted:

Even if Warriors are able to keep Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in free agency, it'll be a fight to reach playoffs… https://t.co/ctgJgduV3q

@NBAdoPovo (NBA do Povo ) tweeted:

Depois da queda em que ele sofreu a ruptura do ligamento, o Klay Thompson disse "Só 2 minutos de descanso, que eu v… https://t.co/LrV39M4sLJ

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