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Happy New Year

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Da Nang / Vietnam
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@16hiroomi03 (Hiroomi (ヒルーミー)) tweeted:

Merry Christmas everyone!! Wish you a very happy new year!!! http://t.co/gIKB9mfypD http://t.co/Ae2uskesMa

@MiNhyun_both1 (❥MINHYUNNY ) tweeted:

@_95JoonamkAp Happy New Year

@perfectday_1209 (ぴけ♡) tweeted:

@realjknoxville (Johnny Knoxville) tweeted:

Happy New Year everybody!!

@wisriane_murari (Miss Ane) tweeted:

Happy New Year @angeljesica @Ami_Lumanauw @fransiskasual @NayMargareth @LithaRantung :* Gbu O:)

@davidcaruso1 (David Caruso) tweeted:

A very Happy New Year to you all!

@S100294X (แสนซน) tweeted:

@_95JoonamkAp น้องจูว happy new year 2015

@CHIMPSINSOCKS (amanda abbington) tweeted:

Happy New Year!!! http://t.co/GuvYxmwqhg

@Haley__Heath (Haley Heath) tweeted:

It's been a GREAT year!! Looking forward to 2015! Happy New Year!!! http://t.co/Y5LcBiUK97

@taesone79 (Tae Yeon) tweeted:

Happy New Year #SONE #TYSONE #LH ~ 내 눈? 나는 거대한되고 싶어 내 눈 가득 등장하지만 그럴 수 없어 .. * 외침 * 하하하 ~ http://t.co/5Lpidgw8Hy

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