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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Da Nang / Vietnam
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@PatrickQuirky (Patrick Quirky) tweeted:

taylor: "thank you for my career" http://t.co/N88KfHgyR0

@RTorFAV_1 (RT or LIKE - SaveSha) tweeted:

REQUESTED RT for Selena Gomez FAV for Taylor Swift http://t.co/SvdTvEzygd

@MadameTussauds (Madame Tussauds) tweeted:

#SwiftChange Look 4 is 'Hip Hop'! WIN the #ShakeItOff outfit Taylor's figure is wearing today: http://t.co/BjHB3PyXcf http://t.co/C7TIPoLmNU

@ () tweeted:

Love this ring

@Borrowniall (-viky) tweeted:

Fatemi avere la tenerezza, bellezza, magrezza e la sassyness di Taylor

@TSwiftNewsTH (THAI SWIFTIE ARMY) tweeted:

Taylor Swift กับเจ้าหญิงดิสนีย์

@DogSy06 (Saya Tajika) tweeted:

1D来日中 cara来日中 5sos来日 日本激アツ

@my0uu (アー二ャン) tweeted:

หมอจุฬาเด็ดมากข่าาาา #2syringes2015

@AkeemAnuar (❌) tweeted:

"@cIassicswift: all the guys from taylor's music videos are hot holy shit http://t.co/5c3k1eWOXQ" BLANK SPACE LA WIN!

@Boss_Senken (บอส : บี2) tweeted:

บางคำถามเรารู้คำตอบ แต่ก็อยากถามให้แน่ใจ

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