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@SRoswell_Jaca () tweeted:

#BeforeIDo we are definitely going to need a "where are they now".

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Well i know am straight

@Sinesipo (Kumkani Jadezweni-Mo) tweeted:

RT @PaulinahSomo: I had the opportunity to work on a few episodes of this great show created by Sam Shale and Mokopi Shale. Before I do fin…

@__sweet1 (_Mosia) tweeted:

#BeforeIDo no wonder Mzwandile went for a guy abafazi sine nkani ngeke nje ngi mele lanto yakhe ..khala bo I paid f… https://t.co/b8cQgJYGTj

@ThutontleJ (exhausted ) tweeted:

RT @sistazzy: Did this guy just say there is no straight guy out there

@MkhizePromise (The Queen Mother) tweeted:

RT @_Ntoshh: Mzwandile is a complete mess. He doesn’t comprehend a lot of vital things. He lacks both emotional and mental maturity. #Befor…

@MkhizePromise (The Queen Mother) tweeted:

RT @Thu2za: Mzwandile knows Victor loves him and is willing to do whatever for them to work out, Victor is too desperate. They stepping all…

@NelMohlomi () tweeted:

Yoh aa

@ThutontleJ (exhausted ) tweeted:

RT @philndoda: @Mzansimagic The last time I asked this question, the tweet was deleted by Mzansi magic.I asked who is on the receiving end…

@gift_bee () tweeted:

Hi Victor

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