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@IndoreKaGaurav (RJ Gaurrav) tweeted:

Meanwhile, in a positive news from another sport, India's Sunil Chhetri has now become the 2nd highest goal scorer… https://t.co/dG4mgPi1zE

@RVCJ_FB (RVCJ Media) tweeted:

Seriously! #IStandWithTeamIndia https://t.co/8uq5TX1OZr

@Shahrcasm (Babu Bhaiya) tweeted:

Wins Or Losses, Ups Or Down, No Matter What - #IStandWithTeamIndia... Retweet If You Also Stand With Our Fabulous Team !!

@Shahrcasm (Babu Bhaiya) tweeted:

From Bollywood, To Cricketing Legends, All Are Saying - #IStandWithTeamIndia But Only These Pidis & liberal Media A… https://t.co/DKKY2o

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Apart from the loss look at the brighter side we got a hero yesterday in form of @imjadeja who didn't even got more… https://t.co/bipNtMTSK2

@joshiiharshit (Harshit Joshi) tweeted:

We don't want the cup

@imuday02 (υ∂αү ✰) tweeted:

It’s so good to see #IStandWithTeamIndia trending. At least we’re not abusing our players like animals

@RVCJ_FB (RVCJ Media) tweeted:

Mohammed Shami #IStandWithTeamIndia https://t.co/jBnlJOSZHT

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

No matter what #IStandWithTeamIndia forever

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