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@PartickularFilm (Partickular Films) tweeted:

Our documentary about #BSE and #vCJD 'Cows, Cash & Cover-ups?' features in today's Mail on Sunday. We were told by… https://t.co/LhSBYEF

@AudioCode3 (JK Svearike) tweeted:

Dear lord, not again

@TeaWithSu2 (MxSuLoritoSchindler ) tweeted:

#CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease #MadCowDisease in humans incubate for decades. It is transferred by eating cow flesh… https://t.co/iVjskdxQU5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I've just watched Cows, Cash & Cover-Ups, Investigating VCJD @primevideouk . Absolutely horrendous on so many level… https://t.co/GxcMW3

@NicolaJSwinney (Nicola Jane Swinney) tweeted:

I didn’t know this. #vCJD #madcowdisease https://t.co/mKmp9e1mrT

@allisonpearson (Allison Pearson) tweeted:

Feeding animal remains to herbivore cattle. Human greed led to BSE and political cowardice led to appallingly cruel… https://t.co/BZWFu4IZcM

@paulrogers002 (Paul Rogers) tweeted:

Of course, veggies had been warning about mechanically recovered meat for a decade before #MadCowDisease--a strong… https://t.co/xTtK2iH8OQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If there was ever an advertisement for vegetarianism, this is it.. Absolutely disgusting, we turned cows into cann… https://t.co/XvpbFvNpiC

@rowancoleman (Rowan Coleman) tweeted:

Always fun to remember you are in the #madcowdisease generation. Ah, Mrs Thatcher removing requirement that schoo… https://t.co/UReIq0i7EH

@xPaulaWattx (Paula Watt) tweeted:

Free market and non regulation is the direct reason for BSE so excuse me if an MP such as Rees-Mogg wanting a bonfi… https://t.co/nnPOgdRA7Z

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