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Trend time: Thu Jul 11, 2019
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@toddotto (Todd Otto) tweeted:

#TheDevilOnMyShoulder likes to dress up as an Angel on Halloween

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#TheDevilOnMyShoulder is pretending to be my shadow https://t.co/0LboxDzKPg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Wake mama to feed me at 1am #TheDevilOnMyShoulder https://t.co/moujPn2KPd

@getwhittet (UNFILTERED TIM) tweeted:

#TheDevilOnMyShoulder always reads my mind https://t.co/Fi9jDnJl8n

@Gondolier9 (Penny Davies) tweeted:

RT @twitweeting3: #TheDevilOnMyShoulder made me do that thing you like.

@ManualMystique (Manual Mystique) tweeted:

RT @Emmabel44506803: #TheDevilOnMyShoulder constantly tell me to chill out!!! https://t.co/6EtkKZJcTh

@Mytquinn69 (✌Mark My Words) tweeted:

#TheDevilOnMyShoulder said to just talk jibberish, until the Democrats give up. https://t.co/hQEwf3T2d7

@ManualMystique (Manual Mystique) tweeted:

RT @StephyCasp: #TheDevilOnMyShoulder wears Prada https://t.co/cgBKCrIsV4

@mpz18 (Maria) tweeted:

#TheDevilOnMyShoulder came with me to Vegas https://t.co/EywCzhbOA8

@ManualMystique (Manual Mystique) tweeted:

RT @LazyRetiredGuy: #TheDevilOnMyShoulder didn't appeal to the better angels of my nature.

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