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@UofGSciEng (UofG SciEng) tweeted:

Sophie leading everyone "Singing for breathing" #SciSlam7 @UofGGES #alltogethernow https://t.co/31XkkbtZhW

@JamieBGall (Dr Jamie Gallager) tweeted:

The science of singing at #scislam7. Sophie works with people who have chronic pulmonary disease and researches how… https://t.co/2CEhhJ7dAZ

@UofGSciEngGrads (SciEng Grad School) tweeted:

Gaps and mess can help us understand the very origins of life since we need to look at everything! #SciSlam7… https://t.co/ttJcR8WWSI

@UofGSciEngGrads (SciEng Grad School) tweeted:

Are any of us here at Science Slam quantum objects ask Ludo? @UofGChem #SciSlam7 https://t.co/Aguv9BBGm8

@UofGPGRGuru (UofG PGR Service) tweeted:

RT @UofGSciEng:

@mbkneafsey (Mary Beth Kneafsey) tweeted:

Would our electrons enjoy it if we started playing music? #SciSlam7

@UofGSciEng (UofG SciEng) tweeted:

Qubit party at Ludo's!! #QuantumComputing #endlesspossibilities #SciSlam7 https://t.co/DxJJuOGL7F

@UofGPGRGuru (UofG PGR Service) tweeted:

RT @UofGSciEngGrads: What would happen if I added a party hat to my central atom?! Some special reactions? Great talk from @UofGChem #SciSl…

@UofGSciEngGrads (SciEng Grad School) tweeted:

Super glad that Science Slam host @sianbevan is never getting a proper job! We need her to host this event forever and ever! #SciSlam7

@UofGSciEngGrads (SciEng Grad School) tweeted:

Drugs are stupid but DNA origami can make them behave cleverly?! Thank you @Janezou96Jiajia for explaining!… https://t.co/5o6rlUU3OC

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