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@MsJackson (Miss Jackson) tweeted:

#FlashbackFriday with my dinner date https://t.co/HZfTLFOGFe

@un_gusanito (Angie Wormy) tweeted:

#FlashbackFriday The America I Believe In Colin Powell - Washington, District of Columbia As heard on @NPR’s… https://t.co/dmvXgWeKgG

@CA_DWR (CA - DWR) tweeted:

For #FlashbackFriday check out this image of @YosemiteNPS's Tenaya Lake. Surrounded by granite domes, the lake is o… https://t.co/k8puE6g2fj

@RealIvelisse (Ivelisse) tweeted:

@SensualizeJulie (Sensualize) tweeted:


@Shady_Lurker (Warras) tweeted:

#FlashbackFriday this was the situation at this time on a Friday night a few years ago

@EndSlaveryNow (End Slavery Now) tweeted:

On #FlashbackFriday meet the 2019 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Heroes! https://t.co/8cM8R3DtCq

@SensualizeJulie (Sensualize) tweeted:


@UKMensSoccer (Kentucky Men’s Socce) tweeted:

#FlashbackFriday to our Sweet 16 win over Lipscomb at the Bell last November. Is it ⚽️ szn yet? https://t.co/FSeXOppfir

@SensualizeJulie (Sensualize) tweeted:


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