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Trend time: Sat Jul 13, 2019
Trend location: Liverpool / United Kingdom
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@raycorrigan (Ray Corrigan) tweeted:

Poulson: If you never speak out at a tech co you are secure economically for life. That was made explicit at… https://t.co/qz5H5z5IgE

@F_Kaltheuner (Frederike Kaltheuner) tweeted:

“The reason why the public doesn‘t understand the [human rights implications of] tech is because engineers at compa… https://t.co/uyQJQQ6XCv

@TrialByTruth (Infospectives) tweeted:

Just a few of the favourite things for everyone focused their on how and human rights if/when we do #ORGCon2019 https://t.co/AlpO5YRGgc

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