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Trend time: Sat Jul 13, 2019
Trend location: Newcastle / United Kingdom
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@raycorrigan (Ray Corrigan) tweeted:

Poulson: without exception all tech cos believe themselves to be uniquely ethical. It could never happen here syndrome #ORGCon2019

@graphiclunarkid (Richard King) tweeted:

Vinous Ali points out that blanket adoption of age verification (with only websites designed to be age appropriate… https://t.co/n3gqUI7ieC

@outlandish (Outlandish) tweeted:

.@Adewunmi facilitation in the Jack Poulson session at #ORGcon2019 <3

@a_bacci (Anna Bacciarelli) tweeted:

“Some of the most serious ethics and human rights issues in tech companies aren’t technical. But a culture of secre… https://t.co/CzltatDKkU

@davidakaye (David Kaye) tweeted:

such a great conversation with @suigenerisjen - thx to @OpenRightsGroup #ORGCon2019! https://t.co/n1pPnrIMbc

@ProGloCommons (Global Commons) tweeted:

RT @suigenerisjen: Great fun @OpenRightsGroup #ORGCon2019 today speaking with the brilliant @davidakaye about free speech online, the race…

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