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@cheyleaux (c h e y) tweeted:

already looking at what I’m goin dress as for Halloween, twentieth birthday is goin be a good one

@conniezone (connie sky) tweeted:

Target introduces Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities https://t.co/ne96NwyDCw

@2ghouls1grave (twoghoulsonegrave ⚰️) tweeted:

RT @Shudder: 100 days to go until Halloween!! What are your top 3 favorite movies to watch during Halloween season?

@Floidberger (Rusty Ferrous Wheel) tweeted:

@Ian_E_Smith It should be mandatory Halloween viewing. Ernest was a comedic milestone on his own. Seeing Tyler Pe… https://t.co/MAtEmNi1HR

@BooksintheSkye (BooksintheSkye ) tweeted:

@lucyturnspages @disneyreadathon next month along with NEWTs (@MagicalReadthn), @hogwaerts in September and then… https://t.co/jK4dq9m7V1

@tribidbaby (Soniaa) tweeted:

RT @PreviouslySerie: #Riverdale ⚠️ATENCIÓN⚠️ Ninguno de ellos MORIRÁ en el episodio de Halloween del 30 de octubre. Sin embargo, confirm…

@DavidAxxxxx (David Andrews) tweeted:

@elismart10 @dtweats188 @SteveSeddon8 @mediafriendly @LeaveEUOfficial @AlanDuncanMP Yaaay. It's honestly going to b… https://t.co/4INJku5oHL

@DUHDNews (Dark Universe) tweeted:

Review: ‘For The Love of The Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween’ Documentary https://t.co/XmYE1HAJWg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

os fantasmas de murder house e hotel indo passear no halloween https://t.co/fzgZxKJCTP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @cowboyenergy: halloween is in 103 days

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