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@WirralCAN (Citizens Advice Wirr) tweeted:

We're here in Liverpool One with the @SingMeMersey choir til 3pm. Come join us! https://t.co/3KuevxqkgU https://t.co/FsCXnqZKW3

@LisaParfitt (Lisa Parfitt) tweeted:

Genius having @clarebalding in Liverpool for the @NetballWorldCup. What she said

@brfootball (B/R Football) tweeted:

Liverpool debut their new 19/20 third kit https://t.co/GvTVE0jS93

@LFCBrasil (Liverpool FC Brasil ) tweeted:


@eldesmarque_sfc (ElDesmarque Sevilla ) tweeted:

El Sevilla de Lopetegui se gusta y tumba al Liverpool https://t.co/I3RqBZsuwe #SevillaFC

@Squawka (Squawka Football) tweeted:

ON THIS DAY: In 2017, Liverpool won the Premier League thanks to goals from Mohamed Salah and Philippe Coutinho. *… https://t.co/3Fo1h3cf7D

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

So funny if this was any other club everyone says its a horrible challenge but cos it’s Liverpool people bring up V… https://t.co/r9v9rtq3EJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

For all liverpool fans moaning on about that tackle, you didn’t say much about this did you? https://t.co/eYcfldfUBa

@irvine75 (Ian Irvine) tweeted:

Sad to hear that a Liverpool player died last night during their friendly with Sevilla.

@cpfcbailey (BN) tweeted:

Liverpool fans, explain this.... https://t.co/xEWNhpVTEA

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