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Trend time: Mon Jul 22, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @EIiteMartiaI: So funny if this was any other club everyone says its a horrible challenge but cos it’s Liverpool people bring up VVD tac…

@tonyes1903 (_Tonye) tweeted:

@Kasar_Yaza @ibrahim_keten Liverpool Memleket

@paul_watson24 (paul watson) tweeted:

@Mcminn1987 @43mccauley @NorthernIreland @OfficialIrishFA Liverpool vman city at anfield is £65. Northern Ireland a… https://t.co/vJXEtAiXTH

@mnani2405 (Toruk Maktao) tweeted:

@BBCSport This would be a great signing for Liverpool, I hope it doesn't happen

@jakemodos (Jake Modos) tweeted:

RT @lfcnine: In Liverpool, you bottle. https://t.co/8p9zH0yOU0

@ItsNotUButMe (Adrian Hill) tweeted:

RT @UKProletariat: Standing ovation for @DerbyChrisW in Liverpool tonight at the Unite For Corbyn event. There are no seats left. It's hot…

@niifim (alha) tweeted:

RT @lfcnine: In Liverpool, you bottle. https://t.co/8p9zH0yOU0

@omster789 (Umar) tweeted:

@LethaboCM @OsmanZtheGooner He scored 4 against liverpool

@emma_mawby (emma mawby) tweeted:

RT @LisaParfitt: Genius having @clarebalding in Liverpool for the @NetballWorldCup. What she said

@_jakegreen (jake) tweeted:

Shock Liverpool fans being hypocrites https://t.co/0rClzbU3gu

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